Evaluating Appraisal and Construction Company

was founded in 1993, in the City of Curitiba, State of Paraná, in  Brazil. Since then, we have sought to serve our customers in the best way possible,  with agility and quality to satisfy your requests.  Always looking to improve ourselves  according to new studies and the update of the Brazilian standard.


Today, we have  professionals over 35  years of experience in various fields of valuation service and with more than 15,000 engineering reports made, we are fully qualified to serve you!


Evaluate tangible and intangible assets ensuring customer satisfaction with the results obtained in determining their real values.


To be a reference for excellence in engineering evaluations in Brazil and abroad, standing out for its trust, impartiality, speed and customer service.



Ethics: Honesty, respect and integrity.

Security: Tranquility and equality with all audiences.

Satisfaction: Meeting deadlines, objectives and purposes.

Engineering: Innovate, improve and comply with technical standards.

Confidentiality: Inform and disclose results only for the client.

Environment: Direct and indirect commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Preference: Having the customer's preference and meeting their needs.